Some Insight to a Depressive Mindset

I really enjoyed this post, I have experienced that all known ‘get over it’ remark and it angered me so much! You never know, I may write a post about my own experience, but for now I share this with you 🙂

The Darkness Chronicles


Depression is a funny thing.  It’s a very illogical mindset, but, lets face it, us humans are not the most logical of beings, even though we pride ourselves of being the smartest of all creatures.  It can strike anybody, at any time and for any reason, sometimes it’s from circumstances in life and that can be understandable, other times it’s just one of those things that strikes for no logical reason or perhaps it’s down to genetics for those of us who are unlucky to inherit the gene(s).

I’m it the latter part of the last statement.  I’m not necessarily in any bad circumstances and for some on the outside can see little or no reason why I should be depressed but it’s something that has happened to me, and there are reasons and circumstances why I should be depressed but I’m not going to bore you with my life’s…

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