kids . . .

I love this idea. It’s fantastic!


A few weeks back I told you all I was giving my kids a tray veggies to eat before dinner, around 4:00PM.  My thought was if they are hungry they will eat whatever I feed them.  Well . . . let me just tell you . . . today Murphy walked into the kitchen at 4:00PM and asked for her veggies.

So around 4:00PM (even if we are going out) I cut up a bunch of veggies and lay them out on a tray for the kids.  I have tried all sorts of things . . . garbanzo beans, seaweed, cabbage (they did not like it), carrots, celery, peppers, pickles, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, green peas (defrosted of course), etc.  I just keep trying random stuff and they are pretty much eating it.  Here’s a little recap about why this is sooooooooo GREAT!

  1. My kids are eating a lot of…

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