The Baby Bra

I found myself being a stereotypical fool the other day. Bare with me though, I did stop myself.

I was sitting patiently in McDonalds when a girl walked in. My eyes were immediately drawn to her for she was naked.

There, I’ve got your attention now!

She wasn’t naked, she was in jeans and a jumper. However, the jumper was basically a net due to all the holes in it and it was all she was wearing on her top half. This allowed everyone to see her white bra and flat stomach as she pushed a pram towards the line. I, of course, do not know her age but I’d say it was 13-15 but perhaps as old as 17 at a stretch. The first thought to surface in my mind was “why is she wearing that? What’s she doing in just a bra?”.

Then my eyes widened.

I scolded myself and when she came into sight once again I changed my perspective. She was, admittedly, gorgeous. The great thing was she was wearing minimal makeup that worked towards a natural look.

I then decided I thought if was brilliant that she had the confidence to walk through public like that, especially with the insecurities that come with being a teenager. My opinion would have been different if she was caked in makeup, had almost all of her body showing and was throwing herself onto people; simply from worry of her safety while trying to look at the bright side still. However, as I previously stated, she had on jeans and was simply getting a McDonalds quietly and sensibly.

I wished that I could have her self esteem along with the thousands of girls that are resorting to eating disorders due to being uncomfortable in their own skin.

As she lifted the baby from the pram I wondered if it was hers. This time no judgemental opinions were attached to the thought. This is because I have a large interest in teen pregnancy. I don’t wish to be pregnant as a teen; I just simply like seeing how they cope because of the negative opinions out there. -Back to topic!- She was careful and caring with the baby in a motherly way and so I decided that it was most likely hers.

Then I thought something…

I forgot she even had a baby until she lifted it from the pram.

Maybe that was the point.

My brain did register that she was pushing a pram but the thought process went no further than that. Perhaps she chose her clothing to take the attention off of her child. Which is exactly what a mother would do.

Since then, I bought a new top. It’s not quite to the same extent but it is a laced cropped blouse. I would never have bought it before, even though I love it, because of what others may think. It reached just to the top of my belly button and is only slightly see through due to the many colourful flower patterns scattered over it. So, in effect, her confidence radiated to me and improved my self confidence!

There needs to be more situations like that.

There’s two things I want you to take from this post- if you’ve reached this far.

The next time you go to judge someone, stop yourself. Change your perspective-even if you only do it once. Look at the benefits and positives for once, it will lift your mood for the rest of the day.

Secondly, buy it, do it. If you want that skirt that’s a little shorter than your usual and are worried about what someone will think, buy it. If you want to dye your hair from blonde to brown but your friends don’t want you to do it-do it. If it will make you happy and you feel comfortable with it then do it.

If you do something new either due to this post or because of something else then I’d love to see it or hear about it. Post a comment and tell me about it or reach me through other social media. Send me a picture of you in your new clothing or with your new hair etc! You could inspire others or even myself, go for it!


4 thoughts on “The Baby Bra

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Great post!! You’re an amazing, and definitely very talented, writer! keep on writing ❤ 🙂


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