Appearance Analysis

This is an offshoot from The Judgement and The Baby Bra.

I have seen an old-ish gentleman twice. I am very interested in him but not in a romantic way at all.

He boarded my bus and mentioned a lost mobile being found before taking a seat. As he was waiting to get off the bus I realised his favourite colour was purple which is one of my favourite colours. I instantly knew this due to his grey hair being scraped back and held together with a purple bobble, paired with a purple hoodie, a purple bracelet and a purple belt.

This made me smile because, in my opinion, if he has his favourite colour on display it gives the impression that he’s open and down to earth.

As the bus creaked to a halt a small conversation started up with the driver.

The man exclaimed that he was very grateful about his phone being found and that he had handed in a tin of biscuits. That warmed my heart. What stood out about that comment are as follows:

  1. Men, stereotypically, do not give out biscuits unless instructed by a wife.
  2. This man didn’t appear to be approachable or friendly enough to hand out biscuits.

Since then I have thought about the man often. He’s the type, I feel, women don’t give a chance. Yet, there’s no reason he shouldn’t have one.

He also didn’t appear to have a lot of money but he turned up at a local coffee shop where I often go for lunch. Although the prices aren’t extortionate, I wouldn’t expect him to go there. The only time I go is when I meet my Gran who buys me a coffee.

In summary, although I’ve spoken before about appearance, this event is what made the fact ‘appearances don’t matter’ well and truly hit me.

This wasn’t particularly interesting but I felt I needed to write briefly about this man. Simply because he has the potential to take part in a future novel; if I manage to write one. He’d be an uncle figure!


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