I Am A Chess Piece – Scottish Independence



Within a matter of days Scotland’s fight for independence will be over.

All votes will be cast and the decision will be announced.

I am a 16 year old Scottish girl and so I have the opportunity to vote.

However, I won’t.

I am aware that not all of you will be happy with my choice but I do have my reasons and I’d love for you to read them.

I have been given only a handful of talks on the issue which contained both pros and cons of voting yes. I have no experience of paying taxes or living independently in Scotland and so I feel I don’t have enough experience to have a say in this particular matter.

On the other hand, I understand I have been given the opportunity to affect this decision because it will be my generation living with it. There are also many people my age that have been thoroughly educated on the subject and deserve to vote.

I am just not one of them.

In my personal opinion, I feel that I have been given the vote because the government thinks I will be persuaded easily into a yes from those who were around during the Margaret Thatcher period. In my class at school all of the people my age who decided to vote yes justified their decision with ‘its what my parents told me to do’, ‘its something new I guess’ and ‘I don’t like England’ which are not valid enough in my opinion.

As little of you may know, I have a 17 year old fiancé. He also feels that he doesn’t know enough to vote. He has explained this to his parents each time they have shoved the register form in his face and refused to sign it. Until the other day. He filled it out when I wasn’t there to ‘get them off his back’. I’m worried in case they eventually persuade him to vote yes, not because I oppose that decision, but because it’s not what he wants!

I still refuse to vote.

By not voting, I hope to show I don’t feel educated enough on the subject and giving the vote to people my age wasn’t a good decision.

I just hope that whatever decision is made, that it turns out for the best.

As I said; if many of you oppose my decision then fair enough because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just hope you understand my point of view.


8 thoughts on “I Am A Chess Piece – Scottish Independence

  1. thegeographist says:

    Thanks for reading my articles on Scottish independence. Although I am also 16, I live in England and so unfortunately I cannot vote. I do believe that I have been denied this opportunity to vote as this will affect the whole of the UK and I think that the whole of the country should have been given a chance to vote. Thanks again for reading my blog.

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  2. afungusamungus says:

    Hey, thanks for messaging and reading my blog. I totally understand your reasoning and I think it shows that you realise the importance of a vote and of this decision. However you should also bear in mind that a lot of people of any age will be voting (either way) based on what their parents / friends / political party leader etc says they should and the fact you are aware of that and not comfortable unless you feel like it’s your choice is a good thing. Don’t expect that the world will get better at giving you the information you need though – you’ll need to try hard to work out what you need to know if you want to feel like you are making an informed choice.

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    1. hadhopeamy says:

      Thank you for the comment 🙂 I understand that I have to get the information myself it’s just more difficult right now as I’m not in a house on my own, I’m in a Yes orientated household and as I mentioned previously in comments any no arguments are spoken over so TV is a no. I have read various things online but even as I was writing this blog I had someone in the house looking over my shoulder which made me anxious. However, as I leave home I will most definitely research everything and make a more informed decision! 🙂


  3. Fran (フラン) says:

    You make a really good point in this post – It’s true that you don’t have to vote if you feel that you don’t have experience of the issue. I suppose it’s a good thing that voting isn’t compulsory in the UK like it is in Australia – If it was compulsory here, then elections and referendums would yield unfair results which aren’t true to what thw public really want.

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    1. hadhopeamy says:

      Thank you very much 🙂 I didn’t know voting was compulsory in the UK which I feel I should have known because I studied Modern Studies but you learn something new everyday! I highly appreciate your feedback 🙂


  4. tea fuelled says:

    Hi 🙂 personally i think you should vote in every election you get the chance to vote in, if you feel you are being used as a chess piece, the best response is to refuse to be one, do your reaserch and come to an informed conclusion, the fact that you have blog posts on politics suggests that you are mature enough to vote. Maybe you could spoil you’re ballot instead of just not going? 🙂


    1. hadhopeamy says:

      Hi there! That’s a very valid point, I just feel that no matter how much research I do that my vote is not valid because, as I mentioned in the post, I have not lived independently in Scotland as of yet. It’s also very hard to find non-biased information from what I did find while at school. I currently live in a very Yes orientated household and so it’s difficult to make an informed decision also. I do think that everything you have commented is very logical though! I have discussed spoiling the ballot with my fiancé already as his parents are forcing him to vote and so thats what he is going to do. However, I’m living there and since his parents are not my parents they feel they cannot force me to go to the polling station which is a good thing. Once I move out I will most certainly vote but at the minute it’s just difficult. Any time we watch news etc it is all yes orientated and his parents talk over the ‘no’ points with extra yes points etc…thank for your feedback! I have kept everything you said in mind and there is still time for me to come to a different conclusion 🙂


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