The Call of Travel

The majority of us love the idea of freedom. As someone, who was cooped up in a country house, unable to see many friends for four years I can relate. I am also Scottish and faced with the quote “FREEDOM” from Braveheart on a weekly basis.

This love for the idea of freedom often leads to an attraction to travel. I recently left high school in pursue of full-time work while my friends babbled about gap years in Africa.

A week ago my stream was littered with talk of travel when the question “Would you live a traveller life style if you could?” was proposed. Every answer I saw was a yes…

Apart from my own.

I do not have an urge to travel. I’m working as hard as a sixteen year old can to build up a deposit for a mortgage for a place of my own where I will stay.

However, I can see the beauty of it. The abundance of magnificent experiences a traveller gets to see along with the fantastic people they would meet. To redefine the need for nature in the midst of putting your phone down to sit around a bonfire.

I do find it a slight pity that my mind shrugs off these travelling images to cast a nice house in a place that I know instead.

I’m definite that this is because I’ve lost more people than I would have liked by my current age. What’s worse is that it is not through death or distance.

Many people move throughout their childhood – including myself. The difference with me is I have been passed from family member to family member. Therefore, every time I’ve moved it has involved cease of contact with one family and attachment to another. Like a jigsaw as I’ve mentioned before.

I’m actually moving in the matter of days because my last two family members are moving abroad. This means that I’ll be living with non-family members which is a whole new game.

I’m clutching onto the people I have. I have to. Travelling is the opposite of what I need.


Let me hear your thoughts!

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