The Beginning of Budgets

This past weekend I went on a little spending spree.

I bought two jars, a money lock box and a money tub that displays a digital content amount.

These were all items to help save money.

I currently live with my fiancé and his parents so we recently calculated how much we would need for a mortgage. It’s estimated that if we’re careful then we could have enough in less than two years time. My fiancés Mum has made weekly money limits for us which has also helped.

This is our saving money plan so far (bearing in mind we’re only 16 and 17 so don’t earn an awful lot)

I have two bank accounts. One that my wages go in weekly which is my ‘savings’ account. Each week I take out £25 from there and put it in my ‘spending’ account. If I want to go out at the weekend to the cinema or need to buy anything then I use the money from my spending account. When the £25 for that week is gone, its gone, no more spending! Alternatively, if I have any money leftover it stays in the account until I spend it and has the potential to build up. Which, I might add, is handy for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

My fiancé only has one bank account currently but we’re in the process of setting up another account for him also which will be his savings account in which £70 will be deposited through direct debit each week. (70 is our weekly savings goal each)

Green bus money jars


We then have a green jar each labelled ‘bus money’. In there we put every £2, £1, 50p, 20p and 10p we get. This saves money  because I usually take out £30 a week for bus fares but every day I accumulate change and end up buying snacks. This way, it’s less than £30 a week and we take the exact amount we need to avoid extra spending.

The amount we have so far!
The money tub we use for change that displays the amount in side digitally.












Next, we have a shared tub for 5p, 2p and 1p coins that we accumulate. My pennies often lie untouched in my purse. Not any more! Each day we empty our empty our pockets and purses of pennies and into the tub they go. After just two days we had £4.30 in the tub! As you can see that amount have ever so slightly increased. When the tub is full we’ll exchange the coins for notes and put them in a yet-to-be-created joint account.

Money lock box for car expenses
Money lock box for car expenses


Also, my fiancé has to put aside £7 a week for car expenses which we put into this money lock box. I specifically chose a lock box so the idea that it cannot be spent until needed is reinforced.

Therefore we will hopefully save more. This plan allows us to save our £70 a week each towards a mortgage. Of course, we’re hoping it’ll be a little more due to our ‘pennies’ tub and bus fare fund.

If you have any tips feel free to share! Alternatively, if you like any of these ideas and plan to use them in the future then I’d love to know 🙂







Let me hear your thoughts!

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