Impact of Youtube

I think that the prospect of being able to create a career through YouTube is great. However, there are also going to be negative impacts on the younger minds of my generation.

I grew up with the lecture that there’s no difference between “popular” and “unpopular” people. looking around my school class, I couldn’t gather much evidence to argue the point. However, YouTube is the only evidence needed for children to retaliate to their parents’ advice. YouTube is a perfect example that people who are popular are better off and so children will continue to doubt themselves and aspire to popularity.

Examples include:

Being in music videos
Book deals
Song releases
Product releases
Radio shows

All these opportunities only being given out due to having ‘ready made’ customers.
Ambition is lowered as fewer people want to further education after many “I dropped out of uni and did YouTube instead” comments from YouTube’s.
What I do like about YouTubers is the fact they have enjoyment. I work in an office despite have a very creative mind and feel that YouTube would be a good creative output.

I, myself, would like to start a channel where I can share my love of books, review products and raise charity awareness. However, I don’t see myself allowing myself to quit a job and take up YouTube full-time.

This post is not me hating on the YouTube community or any YouTube in particular. I am simply voicing an opinion that was formed after an question I received.

Let me hear your thoughts!

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