What I Got for Christmas 2014

I was supposed to upload this on Boxing Day but I’m ill with yet another urine infection so here it is! What I got for Christmas 2014 ūüôā I’ll list what I got and who from and if I’ve used it then I’ll give a mini review just summarising my thoughts on it! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got lovely things!! If you have a post like this then feel free to link it as I’d love to read it.

My fiancé and I

Gingerbread Lip Balm
My boss got me some cute little lip balms. They were in a tin shaped like a gingerbread person which I have kept as I’ll use it for biscuits or something when I move out. There were four lip balms in total which were Sweet Gingerbread, Hot Chocolate, Creamy Marshmallow Frosting and Caramel Fudge. So far I have used Caramel Fudge which smells nice and keeps my lips moist while Hot Chocolate doesn’t smell so great.
Lynn, Andrew and Cara
My fianc√©’s Auntie Lynn, Uncle Andrew and Cousin Cara gave me bubble bath along with a strawberry sponge and two bath bombs (one vanilla, one strawberry) with petal’s inside. They also gave my fianc√© and I money to share. I’ve put the bubble bath away but the bath bombs smell gorgeous!
Adrian and Debbie
From my fianc√©s brother and sister in law they gave me an Impulse True Love set which contained a body spray and shower gel. I have put these away for moving out but I have smelled True Love before and it’s nice.
Melanie and Trevor
From my fiancés sister and brother in law I was given a perfume set by Tulisa and a white chocolate Thorntons snowman.
Recipe Books
From my grandparents I received a small box of roses, Taylor Swift perfume and 5 recipe books. I asked for the recipe books myself and the ones I received were for potatoes, cupcakes, mini treats, cook’s bible and 1000 easy recipes. The Taylor Swift perfume is an everyday scent that I like but it could be a little stronger. They also gave me ¬£100 to share with my fianc√©.
My fiancés grandma gave us £80 to share.

I’m now going to go on to my main presents which were from my fianc√© and my fianc√©s Mum.
The Family
My fiancés parents gave me the following items:
A mini impulse set containing Sweet Smile, Be Surprised and True Love (I think) all of which are lovely smells and they are handbag sized which is handy!
Twilight perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker which I’m saving for summer as it’s a very summery scent which I normally wouldn’t pick out but would fit well with a sunny day.
Fluffy winter pyjamas which I have already worn and are super soft and fit me well.
Two jumpers – One pink one that is cropped and a grey one. Both of which fit.
A dress which goes down to below my knees which I wouldn’t have picked out but actually suits me! However, it looks very formal when on so I shall have to make some fancy plans in 2015 in order to wear it.
A new set of make up brushes which I have used a few times and love. I was in need of new brushes and they’re super fluffy! ūüôā
A selection of different shower gels which I have saved for moving out.
Nail polish in a nice pink colour.
Eye shadow specified for blue and brown eyes so hopefully they’ll make my eyes stand out a little.
A silver bracelet which I really like as it doesn’t look super fancy so I’m not worried about catching it on anything and losing expensive stones. It’s an everyday bracelet which I like.
FCUK Her perfume to match the FCUK Him aftershave that my fianc√© got. It’s one of my favourite perfumes when first applied but the scent is¬†very nice once on for a little while.
I also was given an abundance of sweets in my stocking, yum!
I may have been given more things but I didn’t note everything down.

Flameless candles
The books Ghost Month and Bones of the Lost
A book lamp
A curling wand
Three sets of socks
A gorgeous crop top
Swarvoski Earrings
Tammy and The Fault in Our Stars DVDs
Pringles, pork pies, schloer, krispy cakes, wotsits, chocolate orange and pepsi
A fluffy jumper which has gorgeous detail on the front
A mini spa luxury set
Hugh Boss perfume set which smells amazing! This is going to be my fancy ‘going-out’ perfume.
I was also given a painting of my name that was done by Chinese people:
Chinese Painting
And a new ring:



House Things
My fiancé and I also received some things for moving out from his parents which were the following:
Two twelve piece dinner sets which are handy but they’re a two tone blue and white when my fianc√© and I would prefer black however it’s not a disaster as we have blue and white mugs so can have different table themes depending on events.
A silver microwave which is good because we needed one!
A George Foreman grill which is great as we both really wanted one
A stainless steel bread bin
Black and Silver Knife Block including knives
Two worktop savers I love because they say ‘chop, cut peel’ etc on them.
A kitchen roll holder
A Measuring jug
Oven dishes
A mirror
Pack of scissors
Tea towels
Hand towels
Large towels
Two bed covers
Oven trays
Mini oval roasters

My fianc√© and I received a total of ¬£390 pounds. We decided to spend ¬£90 on some house things we still need and save ¬£300. We now have ¬£500 saved for a house. We have bought a selection of cleaning products as well as baking trays, mugs, glasses, bowls, a teapot, chopping boards, mixing bowls, whisks, a colander,a big measuring jug, more tea towels, an electric tin opener and more items I can’t remember.

This is not me boasting about what I got. It’s handy for me to write down what I¬†received¬†so I can send thank¬†you¬†cards. I also¬†need¬†to note what I have for a house already so I don’t buy the same thing again as once they’re stored it’s not easy to get items out to check what I have.¬†

Not a very exciting post! Sorry everyone…

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