Prison Book Ban


I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this policy. It was decided that prisoners could no longer receive books in parcels, however, they could earn money to buy books from the prison shop and use the library. One thing I do know is I’m glad that books weren’t scrapped altogether. There are claims that prisoners don’t always have someone to take them to the library which is a problem and there could be many cases where fast readers can’t earn as fast as they read. Books, in general terms, improve minds. They allow for a wider understanding of people and offer learning opportunities. Criminals that have come from deprived areas may have breakthroughs and attitude adjustments through having the ability and time to read.
This ban perhaps wouldn’t be so astounding if it were a singular issue but there are currently lots of situations where books are being left in the dark. One example was my school class. We had a thirty minute registration class every day and on a Monday we had to read for the whole thirty minute period. I am an avid reader and found the whole situation frustrating. We were provided with a small amount of books contained in a plastic box. We were not aloud to take them home or to any other room within the school which was annoying because if you’re getting into the book you then had to wait a week to read it again. By that time, the storyline has faded from your mind. For that reason I would go to the library instead. Solved? Not really…If I was reading a book at home I refused to take it to school. This is because the one time I did take a book to school, the pages got crumpled, wet and dirty due to being in my school bag. I dislike reading two books at once and so if I had started a novel at home then I had no idea what to do on Monday’s. All this was an attempt to promote reading but, to me, in the most difficult way possible.

At a workplace that will remain anonymous I am not aloud to read. Lunchtime is my own to do what I like but if I have no work to do I have to just sit. Due to being a newbie in the workplace this sitting could take place for up to three hours. I also have dermatillomania so I need a constant distraction/task to avoid picking holes (literal holes) in my head. I was told that I would be snitched on for reading during work time. I understand there has to be rules for ‘slackers’ but individual circumstance should be considered. What’s worse is that everyone tells each other where to get best phone signal and will sit and text. The assumption from that is that I could go on my phone and not get in trouble!

No one understands the power of books. I once said that they could be used as a medical alternative. I was offered anti-depressants but didn’t take them. Instead, I thought of what makes me happy and tried to include more of these things in my every day life. One of which was reading and I was not working at the time so could read all I liked which was a massive help. Setting up ‘therapy’ sessions with a place to curl up and read for an hour on a regular basis would do the trick for me. For some it’s a lack of time, hence the idea of official ‘therapy’ appointments which could allow a small dosage of happiness. Away from the kids, the worries, everything. For some it’s the expense. Ensure they have accessibility and transport to a library! Give them small funds for books.

It wouldn’t help everyone with everything. People have diverse subjects that make them happy. Induce happiness rather than eliminating sadness. Someone who only feels ‘sad’ getting rid of their sadness through the use of medication will just leave them numb. It’s not that much of an improvement, is it?

book chil

On that note, don’t deprive people of books! I was looking up writing competitions and found this amazing cause. Allow children in care to read by making either a single or monthly donation. If every follower of my blog donated £5 then we would raise roughly £350!! You can read all about it here. You can donate here. I am in no way sponsored by any companies at the moment, I just love helping great causes and participating in charity related events to help those who need it. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading this quite lengthy post and if you make a donation then please let me know so I can personally thank you. 🙂

Let me hear your thoughts!

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