Thorntons White Chocolate Snowman and Snowdog Product Review.

I hadn’t planned on doing a product review so soon. Although I do have one planned for a face mask.

I received a few sweet treats for Christmas. One of which was a Thornton’s White Chocolate Snowman and Snowdog.

The product

I was pleased with the gift and vowed to save it for last as a means of following my “best ’till last” tradition.

I didn’t save it until last. I’m also glad that I didn’t as I would be very disappointed.

You can tell this post is going to be negative, can’t you? For that reason I’m going to include the following picture:


Here you can see snowman with his head ripped off. I insert it to show that I am not heartless – I ripped his head off to prevent suffering as I nibbled at his white chocolate goodness.

Except it wasn’t white chocolate goodness.

Firstly, I gave him a little whiff. I do this with most food I expect to smell delicious. I now regret this decision. Poor snowman smelled awful . I gave him a frown but decided to have a nibble anyway.

What I tasted was not white chocolatey goodness. The only comparison I could possibly make is that my snowman tasted of cheap, out of date icing. With a hint of something else I can’t quite put my finger on…

I was puzzled after checking the best before date which read March 2015.

I called in fiancé. He recoiled at the smell but continued to take a bite to ensure my taste buds weren’t on strike.

He threw his piece back in the box and exclaimed how awful it was. My fiancé will eat anything – but not this. He has quavers on toast for breakfast and will sometimes add noodles to the mix. That’s when I knew that the White Chocolate Snowman and Snowdog was unacceptable.

I checked the price. I had received the most expensive £10 version- 250G. I’m horrified. £10?! £10 for a bit of hollow chocolate that smells and tastes disgusting.

I would receive better quality from three packets of white chocolate buttons from Tesco’s Own amounting to £1!!

Although I tried to make this light-hearted, this did happen. I also am truly disappointed in the Thornton’s brand.

I hope no one else had this bad experience from Thornton’s this Christmas.

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