One Down…None to Go

You may have seen me previously mention my plans to move out with my fiance in 2015.

We’ve been on countless shopping trips and received a few house goodies for Christmas so have pretty much everything we need.

Our original plans were to wait a couple of years. save up, buy a mortgage and get going. Recently plans have changed and so now we’re faced with renting.

We both fell in love with a studio flat we found online. It was affordable – £300 a month. The kitchen and bathroom were fully refurbished and the only problem was that the bedroom and lounge were one area. We decided that the bathroom and kitchen were enough to make it worthwhile to go and see.

We were dubious about the area. We went to have a little look on the outside and discovered that it was in an alley that was not lit at night. It was also next to two pubs. As well as that there were bins directly opposite our front door and dog shit on the pavement. We figured that for £300 a month it was okay. As long as we had somewhere that we were happy with. A place of our own.

For days we couldn’t shut up about our “little home”.

We were so excited to go and see it. The lounge/bedroom space was much smaller than expected. There was a cupboard that we hoped would be deep enough to provide all of our main storage but it was actually so small that clothes had to be hung horizontally instead of vertically! The pictures on the website also weren’t completely honest. the kitchen and bathroom had been refurbished. However, since then, there had been people staying in the house.

Sadly, the cupboard being smaller than expected made the property unacceptable.

On a good note the kitchen was bigger than expected. There was space behind the door that was not seen in the pictures. However, it was still no good. The situation was a disappointment. Mainly because there are no other properties that we like within the price range and area that we need. That means our plans to move out have been put to a halt.

2 thoughts on “One Down…None to Go

  1. Jo says:

    That’s a shame. I know what it’s like to fall in love with a place and then go see it in person. At least you didn’t put on apartment blinders and ignore the big faults. I wish you the best with finding a place!

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    1. hadhopeamy says:

      Thank you very much! Pictures have been updated for one i originally didnt like so now i think its acceptable to view! Hopefully we fal in love with it because its in our price range 🙂


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