Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is coming up soon and so I thought I’d suggest some gift ideas.

For You Both
This year I’m opting to get my fiance presents that we can both use as a way to save money. Some ideas include:
A romantic duvet cover like this one.
Couple mugs like the ones seen here.
Some movies to snuggle up and watch! This one is quite good.
A romantic bath set containing bath salts, a bath bomb, fragranced shampoo and conditioner, body wash and candles.

For Her
Not all women are like me but I know that a soppy card on Valentines Day is a must have!
Flowers are so cliché but there’s nothing wrong with a big bunch of nice smelling flowers to brighten up a room
Her favourite breakfast delivered in bed, then her favourite bath products followed by a new outfit for when you both go out to do something nice later in the day
A really nice underwear set

For Him
Again, his favourite breakfast in bed won’t harm anyone! And guys like clothes too so that new outfit thing could work
Home made coupons that can have anything written on them. Examples would be: This coupon allows one back rub, This coupon allows your favourite meal to be cooked for dinner, This coupon allows you to have complete control over the tv controls (the list goes on.)

There’s not a whole bundle of ideas here but you have to remember it’s Valentines Day so it may be best to save your cash for more essential dates like birthdays, especially if you’re young like myself!

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