2016 Blog Goals

At first, I wasn’t going to be doing a post on my goals for this year. However, goals are an important thing for me that I like to work towards so I felt I needed to make some. I have also found that many bloggers share the same goals that I have in mind and would love to connect with these bloggers. Therefore, I am creating the very popular Blog Goals 2016 post.

  1. Remain active. This is the big one for me! I tend to neglect my blog when life gets in the way and I want it to stop because my blog is actually a big part of my healing process. At the moment, I hope to have at least one post up every weekend.
  2. Write about what want to write about. This blog is my happy place and I have many passions that I can write about. This means there will be a lot of variety and no real niche but that’s not what’s important to me right now. You’re likely to see mental health, book and product posts.
  3. Make connections. I love making connections with fellow writers and bloggers due to not knowing many in real life. This can be done in a number of ways whether it is through a twitter chat, a private message, a comment or a Guest Post!
  4. Develop. I want this blog to develop into something that many people love. I want to develop relationships with companies that I love.
  5.  Grow. At the time of writing this post I had doubled my twitter followers in the space of two days. My views are also higher than ever which I was not expecting so soon! This year I am going to set myself the goal of reaching 300 twitter followers and 300 blog followers/subscribers. I do not believe in buying followers or anything of the sort so I feel these numbers are a good starting goal to get working on.
  6. Share. After my blog was discovered by people without me planning on it I decided I would like to share my blog with people I know in everyday life. I’m not sure when I will do this but it is an important part of this process, I think. Even if I don’t share with all my immediate friends on facebook, for example, I will certainly share with those I think will support me.

I have more goals that I may work towards but I don’t want to set them in stone. I was considering the possibility of hosting a twitter chat one evening and attending a blogger meetup. However, due to work commitments and my personal goals for the year that are not blogging related I’m not sure if these can be achieved this year or next.

I would love to hear about your goals so feel free to comment with your blog links for me to have a look at and comment on!

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If you want to make sure your goals for this year are right for you then please check out my Guest Post.

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