Hello there, snow. Guest Post

 You are about to read a Guest Post from Louise who has written about having ‘Me Time’. All pictures are her own and I am using them with permission for the purpose of this post – enjoy! 

I have such a love/hate relationship with snow. I absolutely, positively adore it when I don’t need to go anywhere in a hurry and loathe it in its entirety if it appears at an inconvenient time, like a Monday morning. I mean Monday’s are tough enough without having to battle through snow.

Thankfully, this time, it fell over London on the most relaxing day of the week. Sunday.

I love waking up to the sight of snow. A pure, white blanket smoothing out the land and providing us with a bright start. There’s a purity that only truly comes with a soft blanket of snow. It’s a welcome change to the grey, drizzly days that have littered London for weeks.

I feel like the snow brings a message. A gentle reminder that each day is a new day, different to the last and we must treasure it. Embrace it. That’s why I made sure that we wrapped and wellied up before bracing the slightly Arctic conditions on a lovely walk, just the three of us.

We went to our local park which is about a five-minute drive (or thirty-minute walk) away. We are moving soon and I wanted to soak up one of our favourite walking places whilst we can. It’s such a large park which you could spend hours walking around. Our furball Holly adores long walks and she also loves the snow.

I’ve been feeling reflective recently, I think it’s the start of a new year coupled with the fact that there has been and is continuing to be a lot of change going on at the moment. I love planning everything from meals to travel adventures, so a new year has really kick started me into planning 2016.

I am becoming increasingly conscious of the amount of time I spend on screens. I feel like my iPhone is my second husband at times and I can also be a bit of a telly/movie addict. I’m worried that I will lose sight of what’s important (nothing like a bit of melodrama!), and I want to ensure that this year I am making more time for my family and friends. I want to be more active and also have quality time for myself where I can really recharge. That’s another reason why I have set myself a reading challenge of consuming fifty-two books this year. I’m doing well so far (I’ve already read three!), and am loving snatching moments curled up, completely lost in a fictional world. I think that making time for yourself is really important, even though I know it sounds unrealistic at times and selfish. I honestly believe that you can only be your best self if you take some time to just be yourself. Do what you enjoy and enjoy this precious life that we have all been given.

We spent almost an hour playing frisbee, trying not to slip over and just enjoying being together in the fresh air and winter whiteness. I felt like it was a ‘pause’ button for life. I wasn’t worried about the things I have been worrying about, I was just living in the moment, throwing snowballs for Holly and watching her little paws make prints in the snow. It felt wonderful (until I could no longer feel my ears and my legs resembled giant ice packs) and I now feel fully refreshed and ready for what the week throws at me!

Have you had fun in the snow this weekend?

How do you make time for yourself?

L x


I’m Louise, a London-based blogger who writes about her ordinary life. I love to travel and enjoy life so expect everything from Hawaii to Pisa with some food, fashion and fun thrown in. I’m also a big reader, currently trying to read 52 books this year, so expect to be updated with how I’m getting on. I want my blog to inspire people in some way (I know, big dreamer!), whether it’s to visit a place that they haven’t thought about before or just try something new. Hit me up over at

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    1. hadhopeamy says:

      I also work in an office, I hope you enjoy your work! I love cooking as well and have recently tried out a few new recipes – what things do you enjoy cooking best? x

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