Hello, 2018.

Hello there, 2018. I know, I know, it’s March! January seemed to drag on for all eternity and then February flew past and now we’re here. I don’t know what I want this post to be. I do know that I want to address the New Year as I feel it would be rude not to. This is where I would usually type out my yearly blog goals followed by my yearly personal goals. However, it’s March and I’m still so undecided on what I want to do and where I want to do it. I always tell myself I’ll bring my blog along for the journey and reach those ‘followers’ goals but here we are again trying to get back on track after an unintended 10-month break!

At first, I had my mind set on bettering the planet this year. I was determined to stop using plastic bags and plastic straws. I want to stop buying food to let it sit and go off before it takes a trip to the bin. These are all things that I genuinely think about. But I’ve already found myself sat with a McDonald’s straw in my lap because I was too anxious to ask not to be given one. I, too, have found myself standing with my arms laden in the queue in my local shop and had to regretfully request a bag or risk serious injuries trying to get home. Some days, I really struggle. Everyone does. I struggle to get out of bed, to get dressed, to eat something decent and to drink enough. Right now, looking after the planet is too ambitious when, at times, I can’t always look after myself. I admire all of you who are actively doing their best for the planet and all its beings. Thank you.

In a personal goals post from years back, I had put down that I would pass my driving test. One whole year of lessons later and I’m still not too close to passing. My first instructor didn’t sit well with me. The second had no time slots that fitted into my non-existent work patterns – I’m a care assistant that works shifts. Finally, third time lucky, I have found a brilliant instructor that handles my nerves extremely well. But, that’s just it, my nerves. One day I will be confident and cruise down the road trying out 2-3 new things per lesson. The next, I’ll be asked to stop several times because it’s clear I’m not breathing properly, I’ll be reluctant to go over 40 mph and refuse to try anything new. As well as this, if my shifts change I may not be available for my lesson. If my shifts go down I can’t afford my driving lesson (the joy of 0-hour contracts, huh) and so here I am on another two-month break from driving lessons. However, due to writing that goal down and throwing it out into the void I sometimes beat myself up over not having it done. Therefore, I’m reluctant about writing such a post this year.

I do want to ask myself a favour, though. Please go outside more, Amy. It doesn’t have to be far. Make a cup of tea and sit on the back doorstep and just breathe. Take in the fresh air. Watch the grass move with the wind. Have a staring competition with the neighbours’ cat. Don’t over think it. Don’t worry about missing the postie or a phone call. Just do it. Take 5 minutes out of your day at least once a day to just sit and breathe and think. Just do it.

In regards to my blog, I didn’t have much intention of returning until recently. But then, I never intended to leave either. I never do. I had a meeting with a mental health charity recently who asked me what things I do that I enjoy. I couldn’t answer. When asking about what I used to do that I enjoy, though, I couldn’t shut up. When asked why I no longer do these things the excuses varied from I struggle to leave the house, my non-existent shift pattern won’t allow it, its weather dependent and I don’t see the point in doing it just for me. When it came to why I no longer write not a single excuse came to mind. I can write from the comfort of my own home – heck the comfort of my own bed! Writing can be done at a time that suits you and it can be on any topic big or small. It can be short and sweet or long like this. With that in mind, I logged onto my blogging twitter for a snoop at what had happened in my absence. I haven’t logged out since. Within a few days, I was asked to host my first ever blog chat which was fantastic and was thoroughly enjoyable. There you go, doing something enjoyable, just you, for the first time in 10 months. So here I am.

**Warning – here comes a wee boring segment regarding scheduling**

My hopes are to have six posts up per month- a weekly post each Sunday that will be a topic of my fancy or, on occasion, a guest post. Along with, a round-up post each month summarising my social media endeavours and shout outs. A monthly chat like this should also hopefully make an appearance if I feel there’s anything to chat about.  I do have a social media schedule that I typed up for myself but technical difficulties have resulted in a few minor setbacks so far. My social media schedule mainly includes writing every single day and posting those ramblings on Facebook and Instagram in turn. Writing is very therapeutic for me and doing so daily is a great habit to have. You may find this of interest and you may not and that’s okay. On Twitter (my favourite social media platform) I will be doing my best to connect with everyone and share positivity with you all. I will be doing weekly Instagram shout-outs of accounts that have taken my fancy, sharing posts that I have loved throughout the course of the week and sharing news stories that I have enjoyed (or perhaps not enjoyed and my reasons for this).


When it comes to blog goals I am setting myself none. I always set them and then disappear for a month or 10 or 12. I also don’t want this to be a numbers game. I have not monetised my blog and so the number of views I get right now is not what’s important to me. What is important is that I write content that I love. I engage with other like-minded writers/bloggers from all over the world. If I manage to raise mental health awareness (something I’m particularly passionate about) in the process and brighten someone’s day on as many days as possible then I will be ecstatic.

I hope you have stuck around until the end of my first ever 2018 post. More so, I hope it was an enjoyable read. Comments are welcomed with open arms whether it is what you liked, disliked or hope to see in the future.

Many thanks,
Amy x


7 thoughts on “Hello, 2018.

  1. AbrachHutchison says:

    Hello, glad to see you blogging. I’d looked at your blog Ayer following you on Twitter and wondered what had happened. Good to see that your break is over.

    Take care.

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  2. Amelia says:

    Great post! Can’t believe I’m only finding your blog now. I used to blog and setting even a number of posts to put up a month would affect my anxiety. Now I’ve started again I’m keeping my planned schedule to myself so that if I “miss a post” I’m less stressed about it.

    I would also appreciate if you gave my last post a read and gave a little contribution for the post I’m looking to make? Thanks in advance! Amelia

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    1. anamywhowrites says:

      Hi Amelia! Thank you for your comment, I had a separate Facebook and everything for my blog but it was too much hassle! I’ve already missed many of the journal posts I had planned for Facebook and Instagram due to the weather and a major lack of excitement, however, chose to share my schedule so people know what to look out for from me.
      I will have a look at that this evening for you!
      Best wishes
      Amy x


  3. Lulu's a scary atheist & veganⓋ (@LuluDigitale) says:

    Welcome back to the world of blogging. I understand that settings goals and then not making through them can be challenging, and disrupting to your self-confidence as you can feel you failed in reaching it. I felt the same way for all the years and months that I did set goals, and so I’d stopped. In 2017, however, I had some issues and so for 2018, I made more realistic goals, to find balance between none and all-too-high.

    If doing something for the planet is tough when you already struggle, I’d say the same thing, do little/smaller things. If you got in the UK like we do in France, you could go with reusable bags. I bring our paper bags ever since they were made, instead of using plastic ones. For putting all the groceries in, I use either reusable shopping bags or a cart, and thus never use the one-time plastic ones (France has now made it a paid option for such bags anyway, to help deter their usage, and changed them to recycled/recyclable material).

    I know how driving tests can be difficult to deal with, I wish you the best and remember to take one step at a time, and to learn self-confidence in your abilities to reach your goals, though with the costs it complicates matters, of course, as you cannot go too slow, so maybe in between paid lessons, study at home all the theory and prep up emotionally to the experience?

    Going out doesn’t have to be too far when you’re not ready or able. Take it one step at a time, you can do it, and if you need support, I’m always here for you, I’ve been in those difficulties too and we can continue our CBT /exposure topic anytime you are ready.

    Your blog schedule sounds realistic goal to reach and I wish you the best!

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    1. anamywhowrites says:

      I already have cloth and jute bags but never remember them! Or I go to the shop with the intention of getting one item and end up buying more than I can carry. If I manage to get a lift to the shops I always opt not to buy bags even if I’ve forgotten mine and just carry things out to the car etc but when I’m walking home it’s not possible. I recently had a conversation with a Primark employee about the bag charge (we have it here too) and they had spent £200 on plastic bags in that year which is another incentive to stop using them for sure. I’m hoping I do get better at it but just am not making it a resolution or goal.
      I revised 3 hours or so for my theory and passed first time thankfully! It’s just getting in the car I struggle with and although I have done the moving off routine hundreds of times I always forget it and doubt myself no matter how many times I go over it before the lesson…
      I slowly have been finding it harder and harder to just get up and go out alone, no matter the distance, for quite some time. The hours of anxiety that comes with it before, during, and after just doesn’t make it worthwhile most of the time.
      Thank you very much for both your comment and your support!


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