Have I Really Ditched the Numbers Game?

Since my return to blogging, I have seen a lot of talk about numbers. This first arose during a Twitter chat where we were asked our blogging goals and many replied with how many followers they wanted by the end of the week/month/year. As well as this, while scrolling through various feeds I’ve also seen tweets regarding numbers. This involved someone saying that bloggers insisting it’s not about the numbers are getting boring and that it’s okay to care about numbers too. I wonder if I’ll be bored of the word ‘numbers’ by the end of this post. I think I will.

When I saw the tweet I stopped what I was doing and read it over a few times. I asked myself “Am I just being a part of the ‘cliché’ and do I actually care about numbers?” I tried to summon up feelings of hope, determination or achievement while thinking of my past, present and future blog stats. However, I felt nothing. At this moment in time, I really don’t care about the numbers.

Right now, blogging is my hobby- my one and only hobby. I don’t want to turn my hobby into a follow/unfollow battle. I don’t want to learn about search engine optimisation. I don’t want to leave meaningless comments like ‘great read!’ in the hopes that I’ll get a comment back. Not right now, anyway. In the future, I may take up some other hobbies that will allow me to add in these unenjoyable activities to my current one.  In the future, my blog may be monetized and so I may have to focus on numbers in order to pay for my monthly food shop. However, I spend a lot of my time agonising over the future and what it may hold. I try my best to set myself up in the best possible way for unlikely challenges I may face and I don’t want to ruin my blogging experience with that.

Am I saying that no-one should care about numbers? No. Am I suggesting those who do care about numbers are less worthy than those who don’t? No. Am I suggesting those who don’t care about numbers are less worthy than those who do? No.

I’m enjoying reading content from others that I genuinely relate to, have an interest in or learn from. I will continue to only comment on a few posts a week but those comments will be genuine and from the heart. I won’t follow accounts that produce content I have absolutely no interest in for the sake of gaining a follower. I want my feed to be active, engaging, encouraging and inspiring!

We are all people who are doing something we love in a way that suits us in our current circumstances. We may change what we do or how we do it over time but we will, no doubt, still be here.

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9 thoughts on “Have I Really Ditched the Numbers Game?

  1. Rebekah Gillian says:

    I love the points you’ve made in this post! People can become obsessed with stats in an unhealthy way that takes away from blogging completely — I’ve definitely been there, and it’s not something I wish to repeat in any hurry. Now I take a healthier proposal to it all; I don’t completely ignore my stats, because I like to know that I am growing, but I value engagement on my posts over the amount of visitors. If people leave comments telling me they’ve enjoyed my post in some way, that’s enough for me. I also personally love SEO, but it’s much harder to achieve on a free WordPress blog, so I can completely see why you’re leaving that behind at the moment. I hope things continue to go well for you as you continue blogging!

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    1. anamywhowrites says:

      I have also been there and think it’s wise for both of us to leave it in the past. Recently I looked at my stats as I enjoy seeing the countries that my content has reached. While there I noticed I haven’t had any views from Spain which is odd because that’s where my Gran lives and she supports my blog via my Facebook Page. Therefore, the fact I’ve not had any views from there suggest that perhaphs Facebook is failing me. I did notice that despite having 13 or so likes on Facebook my post only reached 5 people which may be why Either that or my Gran didn’t take interest in a post like this. SO that’s something I’ll be keeping an eye on, not because I care about the numbers, but because I care about my family (especially those so far away) being able to see my latest content…I think its something I would focus on if I ever monetised my blog. Thanks so much for your comment – I appreciate it x


  2. Giulia says:

    It’s great to have an impressive number of views/followers sometimes, especially for a ‘small blogger’ like me, but you’re absolutely right, in the end what matters/is the most encouraging is the interaction you get to have with people. I’d rather have only one follower who engages in debate with me than a hundred likes and no comments at all.

    Giulia x

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    1. anamywhowrites says:

      I am also a small blogger despite dipping in and out since age 12 (not specifically with this blog) each time I ended up comparing myself to others and producing content I wasn’t happy with so took a step back. Sometimes it would just be for a week or so but more recently it was 10 months. Engagement for me is the most important. If someone supports my work from the beginning and helps me improve or even keeps me going by commenting each time then that is way more valuable to me than have high stats! x

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  3. Heidi says:

    I check my numbers once in a week to write them down in my planner. It’s so nice to see some growth sometimes! But the end of it all, I’m happy if I’m proud of my content. I feel like if I start thinking more about the numbers, I would stress way too much and forget why I started blogging in the first place. So, I just write them down once in a week and continue doing what I do.

    Btw, it’s @heidialinaa from Twitter! It was nice chatting with you!

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    1. anamywhowrites says:

      Can I ask why you write them down in your planner? It’s something I don’t do but would love to hear your reasons for it in case I should be! Your attitude towards numbers is great – just you keep doing you! Aw thank you, likewise! xx


      1. Heidi says:

        I like to track things, somehow I find it so entertaining. And when I’m bored, I like to check monthly grown and stuff like that. It’s interesting!


  4. hannahslifediaries says:

    I’m totally with you on this. I check my numbers maybe twice everyday. In the morning and in the night, it’s fun watching them hop up and down each day. I don’t mind how many views I get, or followers I receive because I’m having fun. Blogging has already given me the output I needed and was looking for. Of course it’s nice when people enjoy what I’ve written, but I also enjoy reading so many other peoples posts. Thanks for posting! X

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    1. anamywhowrites says:

      I mainly check my stats to see what countries have visited my blog as I find it very interesting to see my post has reached places outwith the UK! I agree nothing beats someone enjoying your work! Thank you for your comment and support x


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