Monthly Round-Up

Good morning! I bring to you all my first monthly round-up post. I’ve seen bloggers and YouTubers doing monthly posts like this for years but it’s never something I considered doing until recently. I love the idea of doing a monthly favourites post; however, I don’t buy or try enough products or services to justify such a post.

I recently created a blog schedule which I don’t have to stick to (because I make my own rules for my own little internet space) but it certainly helps when I get stuck or forget what I had planned. I spoke a little bit about my schedule in this post. It has changed a little since then as I remove things I don’t enjoy or that aren’t working and add in new ideas. It will continue to change, no doubt. However, it’s a rough idea of what to expect both here and on my social media.

This month I published three posts out of an expected four which, I think, is pretty good going for my first month back and the terrible moods I have been in!

My first post was very long and chatty where I greeted the New Year (a little late, but all the same).

The second was all about the fact that I really have stopped stalking my stats.

The last covered my acne journey. My journey with acne is nowhere near the end so this won’t be the last post on this subject.

Over on Twitter I made some lovely connections and joined in as many chats as I could but, on the whole, my work schedule wasn’t the best and I missed a lot of great ones. I try to share my favourite blog posts of the week each Sunday but this didn’t pan out too well either! As a solution, I have created a bookmark folder for all my favourite blogs so I can check them weekly for new posts and share the ones I like. In the future, I plan to share some of my favourite blog posts in this section as well as over on twitter but I’ll do better next month to make this happen! I also toyed with sharing my favourite Instagram accounts of the week but this was mostly greeted with confusion from said accounts and a ‘Thanks??’ so I scrapped it.

I deliberated over whether making a blogging Instagram was worth my time due to the algorithm changes and whatnot. I love watching stories from bloggers on that platform so decided to go ahead and make an account. One thing I told myself is that my Instagram is not for promoting my blog. Sure, I let everyone know when a post is up and put a link in my bio, but I want to journal. Ideally, I would do this every second day but I don’t take pictures as often as that (something else I need to work on!) I have more followers than I would expect with my lack of posts so maybe the algorithm isn’t as bad as I thought. I’ll include one of my posts from over there below so you can see if it tickles your fancy!

Good evening bloggers👋🏻 I’m unsure if you all have read my “Hello,2018” post. If you haven’t, you can find a link in my bio. Until tomorrow, that is, as I have a new post scheduled for 8:30am and so the link is likely to be replaced…if I remember. Anyways, in my “Hello, 2018” post I mentioned that I would be doing journal type entries on here and Facebook in turn. You may have noticed there’s only been one so far (until now). I felt that I had nothing interesting to write or update on. My days have been mostly spent sitting at home watching telly or at work which is fine by me by all means but quite uninteresting in my opinion. 💤
I was in a terrible, terrible mood for days on end. I think it was due to the miserably cold weather we were having at the time. The sun made an appearance on Thursday for a while and my mood seriously uplifted. Therefore, I hope the upcoming weather promises some more good vibes. ☀
Today is the first of five days off. I’ve felt quite tired for the majority of it. Despite this, I made some home made steak pies then some strange chocolatey pastry things which is very productive for me! 🙌🏻 I was supposed to go out for a Mother’s Day card (a little late, I know) but still haven’t made it as far as getting dressed…oops… 🤦🏼‍♀️ I plan to lounge on the couch for the rest of the evening while trying to ignore the fatigued buzz that is ever so persistent in my head. Tomorrow I hope to take a trip to Tesco where I hear the chickens are half price this weekend. I’m on a budget month and am actually enjoying it. I look very much forward to putting my 50p flour to good use throughout the next month. 
I wish you all a fantastic weekend and a lovely Sunday whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day or not🌸 

This month, I was honoured to be featured on Maeve’s blog where I spoke a little about my experience of mental health in the workplace. I used to love participating in opportunities like this and hope to continue to do them. Thanks to Maeve for the opportunity!

This post content isn’t what I envisioned in my head and I can say the same for the aesthetics but that’s the beauty of trial and error. I hope you enjoyed regardless!

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