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Happy Sunday everyone!

I, unfortunately, want to start off this post with a little disclaimer as it’s the first in the series. I was brainstorming ideas of what to call this monthly post and came up with the Monthly Mumble. I did a little Google search and could only find a rap podcast (?) with the same name. I am not making money off of my site or this post. However, if you have a copyrighted series etc of the same name please let me know so I can change it.

In this monthly series, I’ll be giving a general life update including what’s happening at home and work, what I’m watching, reading and doing. I wanted to make this separate from my Monthly Round-Up as that series centres around my blog and social media content whereas this is all about what’s happening away from all that.

March has been a bit all over the place for me personally! I’ve experienced quite a few knockbacks but have handled them better than in previous months. We had a lot of snow at the beginning of the month that really negatively affected my mood and my productivity levels. As a care assistant, I didn’t get any fun snow days as a result of the red warning. When I was at home, my house was treacherously cold! I discovered some snow on my kitchen windowsill (inside) while making a coffee one morning. I realised that the lower right-hand corner of my window wasn’t shutting properly and, as a result, the snow was trying and succeeding to pay me a visit. I spent most of the time wearing at least four layers while curled up in bed feeling overwhelmingly lonely.

Would you like to be my PenPal?

While on the subject of loneliness I wanted to include my search for a PenPal (or seven) in this post. I must say, this is not my own idea! Rosie from The Barn Cottage Blog put out a tweet asking anyone interested to get involved and I took a fancy to it. I’d love to have four or so PenPals – so I can produce one letter a week. If you would like to be my PenPal then please reach out to me!

My smart tv has retired from being smart!

I’ve taken a huge step back from technology this month both intentionally and unintentionally. I have been proactive about welcoming silence more. I cancelled my Sky Tv for a hundred reasons so can’t rely on that to have on in the background. Therefore, I’ve made an effort to eat my breakfast in silence then doing some writing or reading for a good few hours before putting something on Netflix. I’ve written my favourite recipes in a dedicated notebook so I don’t have to take my phone to the kitchen with me while I cook. Writing letters each week would be great to incorporate into this. The unintentional part is that I have a smart tv (a Sharp one, to be specific) which has decided to retire from being smart. Due to the fact that it is meant to be smart, I have never bought an ariel or a Freeview box as I watched my programmes on catch-up but I no longer have access to this. None of the apps are working except netflix. I can’t access Youtube, BBC iPlayer, All 4 or any of the like from my tv when it was working perfectly before. I’ve tried calling, e-mailing and contacting the company through social media to no avail…I do have my laptop I can access these things on but I’d preferr to be able to use my tv for it’s intended purpose!

I ventured out in the snow once to attend a job interview. I made it home 20 minutes before the red warning was issued and the bus services were stopped (phew!) but just as I got in the door my phone started to ring. I hadn’t gotten the job.

The snow turned to rain which I would have been glad at if my work shoes didn’t have cracks in the sole and if I didn’t discover a small pool on my countertop one morning. That’s right, not only does my window not shut properly on the right-hand side – it also leaks from the top. Fantastic.

With the weather still dreary my boyfriend who’s not my boyfriend and I decided to find a new series to watch on Netflix after recently finishing Peaky Blinders (the final season is not yet on Netflix so no spoilers!!). Bates Motel was the winner. I’d already seen Seasons 1 – 3 but it was years ago and I was willing to re-watch it to get to Season 4. We’ve not yet finished it but we’re pretty darn close and I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far.

When my boyfriend who’s not my boyfriend isn’t here, which can be fairly often due to the fact he’s gotten a position at my workplace and we’ve been placed on opposite shifts, I need something to watch. Recently, I’ve been relying on The Big Bang Theory after finishing Friends in much less time than I thought it would take. I used to put The Big Bang Theory on if I was ever scrolling through channels and saw it listed. I’m enjoying watching it chronologically and have gotten a fair few laughs out of it. I can especially relate to Leonard when he’s about to go on his date with Penny because that’s literally what I look like each time I try to leave the house to go anywhere that isn’t work!

I thought the bad weather had stopped there but then I woke up one morning to a whistling sound. I tiptoed around the house cautiously. It’s the front door. I didn’t even know a front door could whistle. Well, mine can. This is because the bottom left-hand corner is not square so lets in a draught. The draught that morning was particularly significant as we had gale force winds. I live in a flat that is a block of four. There is a security door; however, it’s not been very secure recently because it’s broken. Therefore, it doesn’t shut properly. I am lucky enough to be the first house just inches from the door so the winds were coming in strong and fast through this little left-hand corner. With the combination of the window not shutting properly in the kitchen and winds in my hall heating my house has been a nightmare.

I’ve spent time with my boyfriend who’s not my boyfriend and his son which is always a pleasure. It’s his first birthday very soon so we went on a little shopping trip for it (post coming soon!). When he’s at my house he plays with coffee capsules, a peg and a basket with much delight and enthusiasm but I think it’s about time to get a few bits and bobs more suitable.

My meetings with Penumbre continue, however, haven’t been going so well. The woman who supports me lost her paperwork so we had to redo what was covered at our second meeting at our third meeting. She also informed me, at this third meeting that she is moving to a different country so I will have someone new. As a result, there’s been a delay in my meetings and I’m worried about having to cover everything again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her and appreciate having any support at all free-of-charge.

The sun finally made an appearance and my productivity levels sky-rocketed! I started a spring clean which I still haven’t finished due to some busy days and some low days. I’ve had the washing out twice – it didn’t dry on either occasion but reduced the amount of time spent in the drier and that’s enough for me!

I continue to job hunt. I used to work in administration and think I would have a newfound appreciation of it after working in care so I’m particularly applying for jobs in this field. However, I’m also applying for cleaning positions as I enjoy that too. Before I was only applying for full-time posts as that’s what I need to cover bills and savings but more recently I’ve applied for part-time positions as well because I figured that even if I can reduce my hours at my current workplace even more then it would be a start.

Talking about the workplace and mental health I was featured over on MaeveAwaits answering some questions about this topic!

I’m currently reading ‘Then She Was Gone’ by Lisa Jewell…

In the evenings, I’ve been trying to get back into reading. When I was younger and at school, I often devoured books in one sitting. I loved them and cared for them like children. However, since leaving school it’s something I’ve done less and less often and, eventually, not at all. I think the lack of reading is one of the main reasons that I no longer write creatively. For those of you who don’t know, I used to have a blog where I published creative pieces and book reviews. I have a Kindle from back when I had run out of space for books and it was pretty much my only option. It’s a very handy little thing! I downloaded a few 99p bargains from Amazon and very recently started the first one which is: Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell.

Did you like this post?

If you can’t wait a whole month before reading something of this nature again you may be pleased to know that I try to journal over on my Instagram when I get the time!

Looking back on what I’ve written I can see that it’s not all that cheerful and positive but that’s okay. There are going to be good and bad months.

I hope the better weather brings with it more opportunity for happiness.


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