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My Resolutions for 2019

  1. Say yes to more opportunities despite being anxious about them

I hope to have two posts- ‘All I Did’ and ‘All I Didn’t Do’ published at the end of this year which will hopefully highlight why I feel this is a good habit to develop. I hope that after the initial month of putting this into practise new things will seem less intimidating and my comfort zone broaden and the borders will widen. allowing me to be inclined to try and fall in love with new things.

  1. Put effort into eating healthier to nourish my body from the inside out

I don’t have the worst diet on the planet but I am nowhere close to having a balanced diet with a variety of nutritious foods. I suffer from acne and although I have changed my diet in the past without any noticeable differences I think my overall complexion could look healthier and brighter if I eat better. I hope I will also feel more energised and experience all the other commonly known benefits that come with improving your diet.

  1. Put effort into being more active to improve my mood and overall well being

I have no excuse to be as lazy as I am. I previously did at least 12,000 steps per shift at my care job but I now sit at a desk all day. The only steps I get a day are the half a dozen I make to switch buses. I would like to complete an at home at least once a week and a refreshing walk when I can. I previously spent many days a week sweating to a Zumba workout on YouTube and its something I’ve missed doing.

  1. Have more productive days by waking up earlier – ensuring my day starts how I intend it to go on

I read Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning in October 2018 and it changed my life for a solid 48 hours. I woke up at 5am, once, did my dishes and got everything for work ready including myself. I made myself look presentable and got to work on time. I didn’t feel sleepy or sluggish when I sat down at my desk and my overall mood throughout the day was fantastic. I even made conversations at work with ease (this is out of the ordinary for me!).

  1. Be consistent with personal development to achieve all that I can

One of the planners I have purchased for use throughout the year prompts you to note your objectives and goals and monitor them both daily and weekly. As well as this, there is a reflection weekly to evaluate what went wrong and what went right to carry over into the next week. Taking the time to fill this in to give myself the ability to make conscious, considerate and deliberate decisions is a habit I hope will be reinforced throughout 2019 and stick with me for the rest of my life.

  1. Go out to places and events I love alone

There were a lot of things I missed out on in 2018 due to no-one being free or willing to go with me. Or people cancelling on me last minute and leaving me in a situation where I couldn’t even make the event by myself if I wanted to. I won’t be making the same mistake in 2019! I will be going to the event or place whether my friend is free to attend with me or not. I will be going to that restaurant to have my favourite meal as a Friday night treat completely alone and relishing in it. I will go to see that movie I’ve been waiting on being released and I won’t have to share the popcorn.

  1. Spend more time outside

I spoke about this last year and I didn’t do very well at all. Although there is no excuse whatsoever there were considerable circumstances that got and continue to get in the way. I get anxious spending time outside my property because I can be seen by my neighbours who are all older men. One of whom I don’t get on particularly well with who has a little nose out his window whenever I’m outside to see what I’m doing. I don’t particularly like that. One of my favourite areas to walk was also where, unfortunately, a gravely incident took place in my tiny town in the summer of 2018 which shook the whole community. Many condolences to the family. I also have a real struggle with spending money whether it’s something I need or want. I would love to buy a table and chairs or something of the sort to sit outside with a cup of tea in the wee hours of the morning. To sit at and eat my lunch on at weekends. To type away in an oversized hoodie in the evenings…Lets see if I can do that this year!

  1. Disconnect more often

Towards the end of 2018 I started switching my phone off when I got home from work at about 7pm. I found that I wasn’t constantly waiting on that reply or scrolling through that social media app to pass the time while the kettle boils. Instead, I was getting on with the things that I needed and wanted to do. It was very refreshing. Yes, it could be disheartening to switch my phone back on the next day to no messages, no e-mails and missed calls. But, it has got me wondering if I really need to be paying £45 a month for a mobile I clearly don’t get an awful lot of use out of. My contract is up in 6 months and I’m sure my mind will be made by then.

  1. Reach out to people

I don’t often message people first. It is rare. Nor do I ask someone how that event went they told me about or how that relative is that was ill. I genuinely just don’t want to intrude, but I think it comes across as not caring or being rude. Therefore, I want to put more effort into reaching out to people whether it’s a 10-minute phone call, a 2-minute Facebook message or a coffee catch up.

10. Practise affirmations

On my one successful Miracle Morning I listened to an affirmation playlist on YouTube. I’ve not returned to them much since but I think they had an impact. I’m going to incorporate them into my daily routine. I also want to apply affirmations to learning to dive which is something I continue to struggle with.

11. Put time into becoming current by reading news, blogs, articles and watching news/current affair related programmes.

I tried to dip into this at the end of 2018 as it was something I was truly excited for. I signed up to several daily newsletters delivered directly to my e-mail and I looked forward to pouring over them with my morning coffee in hand. Disappointingly, they were all based in America. I would like to focus on news centred around Scotland or ‘general’ world-wide news to begin with. If anyone knows of any news related newsletters, please let me know!

12. Talk to myself like I would talk to my best friend

I typed this last one after the other with ease until I hit number 12. I was at a loss. Then, two months later, I watched a Wentworth Miller interview (I am struggling with the blank space in my life that prison break used to occupy) and he was asked many questions about his struggle with depression. When asked what his process was for overcoming the depression filled days he explained he used talk to himself very negatively. Examples of this language includes “you fucking idiot!” “of course, you let this happen” etc. He said he has spent a lot of time ensuring that the words he tells himself both outwardly and inwardly are words of encouragement and support. It makes perfect sense. I had heard the concept before, however, the way Wentworth explained and worded it made it resonate with me in a way that was strong enough for me to write it here and plan to act on it.

This may not be the conventional list of resolutions that tend to circulate, however, 30 days is enough time to establish a new habit. A lot of the time, the habits are not great. By putting these hopes into words and somewhat of a plan in place I should find myself with 12 new positive, healthy habits by the end of this year. Of course, I have goals as well which are a little more specific and, in some cases, timescale orientated. If there are of interest do let me know.

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