Then & Now

Over the last year or so a lot has changed. I’m actively working on changing my habits, achieving my goals and doing more of what I love. Many things have come and gone from my life that I had never introduced to my blog in the first place. My interests and values have changed. I thought a fun way to initially begin to update you would be to compare my current ‘Who Am I’ page to my current mindset:

Then & Now

20-year-old Scottish lifestyle blogger here on WordPress! I’m particularly passionate about Mental Health which is something I try to regularly write about and raise awareness of.

21-year-old writer residing in Scotland who chooses to share aspects of her life online. Often delves in and out of writing personal pieces, opinion pieces, reviews and, more recently, poetry and a novel.

This blog, for now, is what I do for leisure. I am employed at a residential care home as a care assistant so my writing fits around that. I have enjoyed writing from a young age and it has grown with me over the years. I blogged on various sites from the age of 13 but decided to give it a real go with this site as a mature (ahem) and sophisticated (HA!) adult (pffffft). In the past, I was all about creative writing but nowadays I tend to write about my experiences, opinions and future plans.

Will this year be the year that I face my fear of success head on? Will I monetise my blog? Will I blog how I blogged in January 2016 where I gained 800 views in three weeks? I currently work full time in a 9-5 office job but writing has been my passion since I could hold a crayon. I hope to tap into that passion again this year both online and offline. Writing what I want when I want because I can.

I enjoy the simple things in life a great deal. Set me up with a notepad or good book, a candle and a snack and I’m good to go! A coffee can be all it takes to turn my frown upside down.

The simplicities of the life are important to me. An interesting conversation over a toffee nut macchiato or a good book by candle light is my definition of a day well spent.

I visit Twitter on the daily to interact and engage when I can – I love joining in chats when I’m not working.

I miss joining in twitter chats and will have to learn the new schedules and chats all over again like I did last year. Despite moving away from social media this year, I think the twitter chats allow great opportunity for bloggers to connect and, in come cases, for me to connect with my readers which is so important to me. Some of the questions can be really thought provoking too and can spark inspiration – if you are a blogger who does not participate in blogger chats I highly recommend doing so at least once.

Instagram is where you can find my half-heartened attempt at photography which is usually accompanied by a journal entry.

I deleted Instagram about 3 weeks ago. I’m aware I haven’t been active on my blogging Instagram for much longer than that, but I deleted the app altogether. I would love to do Instagram stories day-to-day just chatting away but I’m not comfortable to do so quite yet.

Bloglovin is my saviour because it updates with my new pots automatically (that probably says a lot about me)

Facebook I tend to forget about but I’ve included the link anyway for those who prefer Facebook to other platforms.

Working on it!

I’ve done a lot of Guest Posts in the past which is something I’m still open to or collaborating with other bloggers in general. You can contact me at any of the above social media accounts. Alternatively, my e-mail will be below:

I apologise publicly to those of you who reached out to me asking me to help with university assignments, blog posts and twitter chats in my absence. My heart always hurts a little when I reconnect and see all these missed opportunities – the most notable being the opening of my local Lush shop. However, I really do love collaborating with others. If you want to work on a post together (or anything together?) to be published on my blog, your blog, or elsewhere then do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks for reading this in an attempt (I hope) to get to know the author behind the content.

Many thanks for reading this in an attempt (I hope) to get to know the face behind the words.

-Amy x

3 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. leighburnsx says:

    I love this post! I think it’s so important to see how far you’ve come and be proud of all you’ve achieved over X amount of years. I would love to collaborate one day and hopefully that help pass some inspiration to one and other! Amazing post x

    Liked by 1 person

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