Money Monday: A New Start

Monday 16.08.21

  • £0

I started my new position today which will be working from home after the initial training period. I started at 9:30am and finished around 16:45. I was appreciative of the extra 15 minutes as I had a college assessment today at 18:15. I was asked to do two assessments by my tutor but doubted my ability to pass both due to being very reluctant to study last night as you’ll have heard in the Money Monday before this. I decided to give both a bash and, to my surprise, passed. I then finished up some final edits of my Money Monday post before defiantly asking Yusuf if he would like to join me for a sea swim. I say defiantly because I did have more college I could have and probably should have gotten on with but I felt my day had already been very productive and there still has to be some room for fun.

Tuesday 17.08.21

  • £44 – Fuel
  • £12 – Clark’s Bakery

A slow day at work today as two of us are being trained at the same time but doing different jobs so I spend a lot of time waiting on my colleague being trained. It’s a beautiful day and I had cancelled going to my Mum’s for tea as I thought I would be tired after only getting 3 hours sleep last night but I feel okay. Yusuf had his evening training cancelled so I suggest we go on a walk. This turns into sitting by a duck pond and befriending a particularly curious duck whom I name Felicia but Yusuf insists the duck is called John – we’ll agree to disagree on that. I do pop in to Mum’s to say hi but don’t stay long at all. We grab some pies for Clark’s Bakery, which I pay for, before watching Sex Education on Netflix for a bit. We head to mine to finish the evening off reading books in bed. At some point I fill up on fuel which isn’t getting any cheaper but I remind myself I soon won’t be driving as much when working from home.

Wednesday 18.08.21

  • £12 – Cinema
  • £3 – Youtube
  • £32 Tesco – food, snacks and pyjamas

I was just about to head off to work when my manager called to advise me to work from home. I still have to drive to where my work is located to drop Yusuf off but I end up staying with him for the day even though I’m relatively bound to my laptop we have cuppies and chats which is nice. He also bought me lunch delivered to the house. We decide to book the cinema which I pay for and use my 2 for 1 code. We couldn’t decide between Free Guy and People Just Do Nothing but go for Free Guy in the end. I really fancy seeing Don’t Breathe 2 but I haven’t seen the first one yet! Unfortunately, I receive a call with not so great news about my Mum but I’m good at compartmentalising and head off to the cinema afterwards regardless of being a little late. We scoff a big bag of sweet popcorn during the movie and then head off to Tesco for some food supplies and I grab pyjamas since is 10pm and we haven’t eaten. We chat and make fajitas until after midnight and then I pay for Don’t Breathe on Youtube which, as suspected, I really enjoy.

Thursday 19.08.21

  • £0

Working from home again today but stay at Yusuf’s for this. We do some yoga on my break which I loved. It’s great that we enjoy so many of the same things. While Yusuf is out I tidy a little to relieve the restlessness that comes with sitting on a laptop all day. When he returns we watch a Wim Hoff documentary with coffee before I head home. A new episode of Algorithm is available so I listen to this on the way. Once home I complete a college task, update my Who Am I page and start this blog post before heading to bed to watch The Handmaid’s Tale. Back in the office tomorrow…

Friday 20.08.21

  • £13.53 – Bodycare
  • £3.50 – Coffee
  • £.35 – Greggs

Got away from work early at 14:30 but was meant to be going to Yusuf’s after work so this wasn’t ideal as it would be timely and costly to drive home to then drive back to town. Luckily Yusuf was free early and I hadn’t had lunch so we met in town and a Gregg’s because I was ravenous. I was taken by surprise at the fact Steak Bake’s are no longer £1.25! Also had a Yum Yum which I had bee wanting since Clark’s earlier in the week who were sold out. Nipped into Bodycare to grab some cheap perfume for every day use as I’d ran out of my many bottles. Grabbed three different ones which was good as usually there’s only one I like. While in town I had been messaging my Stepdad about my Mum who has not been doing good recently since stopping her mental health medication. By the time Yusuf and I arrived at Lidl to buy some bits for tea my stepdad delivered further bad news so I said I would go round to see my Mum. Dropped Yusuf off and headed to Mums for 3 hours where I tried and failed to have her take her medication. I did manage to have her calm down so it wasn’t a total failure. Arrived back to Yusuf’s not long after 9 and gave him an update. We had some food he kindly prepared in the slow cooker which was delicious and watched Sweet Girl on Netflix which wasn’t terrible. Finished the night off with some ice cream.

Saturday 21.08.21

  • £0

I have little to no recollection of Saturday…I had planed to smash through college work but fell asleep around 3pm. Woke up at 4 or 5 as Yusuf called to tell me about a dream he had as he also fell asleep. I woke up again around 9 or 10pm and had a bowl of cereal before watching two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Sunday 22.08.21

  • £10 Fuel
  • £8 Co-op

I was meant to pick Yusuf up at 11 and bring him to my local area but I am exhausted. I get up at 10:40ish and have a bowl of cereal and drag myself into the shower but make the mistake of sitting down again after and before I know it it’s after 12 and I haven’t even dried my hair. I message him to say I will be there at 2 but he’s not impressed because he could’ve gone to the gym or anywhere between 11 and 12, oops! I shouldn’t be this tired after my day of sleeping yesterday but a lot of thigs can be affecting my energy levels at the moment so I try not to beat myself up about it. We almost call off seeing each other but talk it out on the phone and I head through in the car with my wet hair and all. We go to a local cafe for a super late brunch (4pm). Then we had to a local reservoir for a dip with my friend Sam and his daughter. Afterwards I grab some coconut milk, bin bags, naan bred and cereal. Make a sweet potato and chickpea curry with naan bread and coconut rice for Yusuf and I. I’m a little headachy so take some tablets for it which eases it off. We watch Love VS Monsters before heading to bed. I end up messaging about my Mum until early hours of the morning.

Let me hear your thoughts!

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