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A snap of our pizza’s on the garden table accompanied by some chicken goujons and a lemonade.

Monday 23.08.21

  • £0

Yusuf and I were up relatively early and had a coffee then he headed off to the bus stop while I powered up my laptop to start working. I had said when working from home I still wanted to get in a daily podcast and maybe a walk alongside it but this didn’t happen today. In fact, I don’t even end up getting dressed. I get a little paranoid about being away from the laptop and so after cuppy runs and putting out washing I don’t want to faff about getting dressed. I have a few tasks to complete and then sign off at 5. I do 20 minutes of TheFitnessMarshall zumba workouts, 12-15 mins of weighted hooping, a 7 minute booty workout and then about 5 minutes of skipping. I had planned to skip for 3 songs but as a workout novice I didn’t quite achieve this! I curl up in a heap for far too long afterwards and fret about the college work I haven’t done. I have some leftover sweet potato and chickpea curry while watching The Handmaid’s Tale and do some window shopping online. I end up being awake until well after 3am generally worrying about nothing in particular? At some point I grab a bowl of cereal.

Tuesday 24.08.21

  • £0

Slow work day today as it’s super quiet. No morning walk or podcast but I do get dressed this time. I hang out washing and spend my lunch outside with a book and some mac and cheese my neighbour dropped off to me earlier in the day. I do some college work in the afternoon which basically consists of writing IF functions incorrectly but refusing to look at the solutions uploaded by my tutor. I’m in good spirits so I laugh off my mistakes and google some different expressions to try and achieve the desired end result but after over an hour I cave and look at the solutions. I’m pleased to see I was super close I just needed to format it slightly different to have it work. I’d love to do more hooping tonight but my hips are out of practice so are a little bruised from being bashed by the weighted hoop yesterday. Yusuf debates coming over but no one can look after his dog so instead I curl up with a blanket and watch tv which is much needed after my late night. I do some wind down “Yoga with Adrienne” but then get peckish so have some smiley faces while watching a final episode of The Handmaid’s Tale and falling asleep around 11pm.

Wednesday 25.08.21

  • +£1,722
  • £17.98 Swimming Costumes
  • £11.49 Cinema
  • £6.78

Pay day! £300 extra backdated pay rise from Dec 2020 as I work for the NHS. Still don’t do a morning walk with a podcast but once again get dressed and make coffee. I’m not in the mood for breakfast so skip this and log onto the laptop. Slow work day again so I bring in and hang out yet more washing. With lots of wild dips/swimming recently there’s more washing than usual but at least the weather is nice as I don’t yet have my washer dryer. Finish off the last of some college work and e-mail some questions to my tutor. Agonisingly try to get some dirt out of my brand new white top I stupidly wore to a wild swimming location so it got stood on. Get ready and head to Yusuf’s where he makes me burgers before we head to the cinema to see The Night House. On the way I grab some drinks and toffee popcorn from Asda.

I am now “” after 7 years of dipping in and out of blogging

Thursday 26.08.21

  • £5.30 Baynes

In the office today 8-4 to meet some colleagues. There’s not much work so we spend the time getting to know each other. After an in-depth conversation about pies I decide to ditch my healthy packed lunch and head to Baynes. I get Yusuf something too and drop this off before heading back to the office for a couple of hours. I have an errand or two to run in town afterwards and stupidly wear my cardigan and my coat as I thought there was a chill in the air, there isn’t, in fact it’s 20 degrees. Head to Yusuf’s where I finish setting up my DOMAIN! I am now “” after 7 years of dipping in and out of blogging. I’ve changed my homepage and a few of my menus. I’m feeling super inspired at the moment and have a few project ideas as well so I’ll finalise the details of these and see if I can rope any fellow writers/bloggers into contributing. Yusuf and I watch People Just Do Nothing with a Chinese and then play some Halo before heading to bed.

Friday 27.08.21

  • £27 – Asda
  • £42 – Fuel
  • £32.47- Credit Card Payment

I was meant to be in the office today but it wasn’t deemed necessary so I boot up the laptop at 9am with coffee. I work on a spreadsheet I made until lunch then head out to buy pizza to shove in the oven. Yusuf and I have this outside which is lovely. We plan to head to the beach but fall asleep from 6 till about 9! I head off to Mums and chat to her over a cup of tea until 11. When I get back to Yusuf’s we put the film His House on but I don’t enjoy it so sleep instead.

Saturday 28.08.21

  • £45 – Lashes
  • £81 – Electric and Sugar
  • £5.12 – Mushrooms, milk, bananas, bread and ham

I get to my lash appointment for 9:30am where I chat away while having them done. I then grab some bits from Aldi before heading home and having ham on toast with a cuppy while watching The Handmaid’s Tale. I planned to do blogging and college work today but left the laptop at Yusuf’s by accident and don’t want to take a trip to get it when I’ll be seeing him tomorrow. I want to read more of the kindle book I’m reading at the moment but my Kindle needs charged so I scroll on my phone for SIX hours (according to screen time) instead, appalling! Eventually watch more of The Handmaid’s Tale and at one point my anxiety is through the roof…I’m unsure if I’m generally anxious or if I am just very very invested in the intense episode. Turns out I was just invested in the intense episode! I end up staying up a little too late watching this.

Sunday 30.08.21

  • £2 – Pepsi

I wake up to the sunlight beaming around my blackout curtains and say to myself “surely it’s after 08:30 now?” (the time my alarm was set for) you bet it was! It was 15:03, to be exact. Shit. Not that I had missed anything or was late for anything just what an incredible waste of the day! I call Mum and Yusuf to check the plans for tea that evening and then get ready. I wear a dress that was purchased in 2018 which still has the tag on. It was bought to visit Florence when I went to Spain with my Gran but we didn’t ever make it to Florence. As soon as it’s on my anxiety flares up. This is because it’s something new I have never worn before, it’s not my usual style etc. I try to force myself to wear it and end up pacing around for a good 20 or so minutes and I’m almost late. I resolve that I will at least get in the car and drive with the dress on and if I still don’t ‘feel like me’ once I arrive then I can change…As soon as I get to Yusuf’s I head into the bathroom and change into a black and white skirt and a black off the shoulder top. I’m no less ‘dressy’ than before but feel much more like myself. We have a coffee before heading to my mums where we get Chinese and finish off with trifle. We get back to his for 9pm and shove on something on Netflix I don’t particularly enjoy but I finish the night off with some The Handmaid’s Tale as Yusuf is out for the count.

A snap my beauty therapist took of my freshly done Russian lashes, she’s fab!

9 thoughts on “Money Monday

  1. CristinaR says:

    Sounds like you had a very productive week! Congratulations on the domain, it’s such a great step and achievement! Really need to start The handmaid tale as I might be the only one that never watched it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. anamywhowrites says:

      Thank you! I was the same – my colleagues would gossip about The Handmaid’s Tale and it sounded really good but when I tried to watch it a year or two ago I wasn’t in the right mind frame to pay attention…so glad I gave it another go as it’s great!


  2. Jordanne || Ofaglasgowgirl says:

    First off, that pizza looks absolutely delicious! Think I’ll be having pizza for dinner tomorrow lol I can relate to the part where you talk about the anxiety over wearing something you haven’t before, I get that alot, even if I do love how it fits and looks. Great news on the domain front, that’s awesome 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. anamywhowrites says:

      Thanks for this Gavin! I assure you there is more to come but wanted to consistently do my Money Diaries which I am enjoying before adding in anything else. I’m trying to work up the nerve to preform my poetry also! Have a nice evening 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. anamywhowrites says:

        I used to do drama in school so it’s not specifically the stage it’s moreso presenting as myself and not a character that is the issue I think…the more I do it the easier it will be! I’ll start with something short and sweet. That sounds like a fantastic idea

        Liked by 2 people

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